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Apple Watch (Series 3)

My original Apple Watch from 2015 started to show its age recently. While it was always rather slow, the battery started to not sustain a full day anymore. So I decided to upgrade to a Series 3 Nike+ Edition.

The speed of my new watch and the bright display are especially noticable to me compared to the original model. I can switch apps and watch faces without lag or stuttering. I only use a handful of third-party apps, like Pedometer++, Deliveries, Fantastical and HeartWatch on there. They seem to launch much quicker and feel smoother.

I also started to run a couple of months ago and the Watch became my favorite run companion. With the Series 3 I can now safely leave my iPhone at home and still get GPS data for my workout.

My setup experience matched with the original Apple Watch: a total disaster. The decoupling of my original watch failed and I lost all my settings because the device reset immediately. And onboarding also seemed buggy with the new one as it didn’t set the correct language and region, so I was guided through an Apple Pay setup that wasn’t available for my German credit card. It felt frustrating but I’m getting over it.

I especially like that I can reuse all watch bands that I bought over the years. That’s not something that is common anymore these days.

I’m happy with my new watch.