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Starting Over

It’s been a while since I had a website to publish random thoughts and articles. I tried third-party platforms like Tumblr or Svbtle, self-hosted solutions and static site generators like Jekyll.

With third-party hosted blog platforms I always fear that I can’t get my data out and that the service will be clobbered with ads eventually, that ruin the experience, e.g. just like Medium.

Static site generators have the problem that they always require a computer and can’t be updated on the go from my iPhone or iPad. Nevertheless I loved Jekyll. What I don’t love are breaking changes during updates and the dependency hell that is Ruby Gems. Jekyll has countless dependencies that like to break so I gave up eventually.

Introducing the new version of this site: powered by Hugo. Hugo is also a static site generator, but it’s a simple Go binary that can be installed via Homebrew on my Mac. I added the minimo theme and modified it a bit, but that is already a springboard to get this site up in no time. I host it on GitHub Pages because I can deploy immediately with git.

Also, portability is not an issue for me anymore because I can write notes in Markdown on any device that syncs to Dropbox or iCloud while I post new updates when I’m on my Mac.

This means I’m back and have already collected some ideas that I want to write about.